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Do Twisted Teas Expire

There’s nothing quite like a cold, delicious Twisted Tea on a hot day. But what happens when you find an old can of Twisted Tea in the back of your fridge? Does it expire? It turns out that Twisted Teas do have an expiration date.… Read More »Do Twisted Teas Expire

Do Ovens Need to Be Vented

If you’re like most people, you probably think that your oven doesn’t need to be vented. After all, it’s not like a stovetop, where there’s an open flame that can produce dangerous fumes. But the truth is that all ovens, whether they’re gas or electric,… Read More »Do Ovens Need to Be Vented

Do Lifesavers Expire

Lifesavers are a brand of candy which come in various flavors and sizes. The original flavor is peppermint, but there are now over 50 different flavors. The candy itself is round with a hole in the center, and is coated in sugar. They are made… Read More »Do Lifesavers Expire

Do Fish Eat Cheese

Do fish eat cheese? It’s a common question with a not-so-simple answer. While some fish are known to nibble on the occasional bit of cheese, it’s generally not something that you’ll find them seeking out or eating in large quantities. So why do people ask… Read More »Do Fish Eat Cheese

Do Coffee Syrups Go Bad

Coffee syrups are a type of coffee flavoring that can be added to brewed coffee, cold brew coffee, or used as a topping for desserts. They are typically made with sugar, water, and natural or artificial flavors. Coffee syrups can be purchased at most grocery… Read More »Do Coffee Syrups Go Bad